Park 1 Chicago is Secure-a-Spots very first partner and is thriving in the Chicago Market.  This Partner located in the heart of Chicago’s bussling area’s, they have embraced our technology advancements with heavy emphasis on sales & marketing.

BEX Parking came on board the Secure-a-Spot platform roughly two years ago to boost brand awareness and generate more revenue in the downtown Philadelphia area.  Whilst their operations is in tip top shape, they wanted to dive into a more sales & marketing approach for their business. Since then they’ve acquired hundreds more of loyal customers. 

The City of Milwaukee just opened up the door to monthly parking products for reseidents and business’ at their surface lots and garages around the city.  They came to Secure-a-Spot to help launch this product and drive awareness to targeted audiences.  This partnership is Secure-a-Spots first city contract and excited to be a partner in our very own HQ.

Our third partner on board and largest with over 50 sites.  They also have a team thriving in the day to day operations spaces, but wanted a platform they can use to manage and generate more sales through.  Our website / app Secure-a-Spot opens the door for many possibilities to grow revenue. 

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